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Do Wellness

Enjoy some of the leading wellness tools available.

Our country has learned the value of eating right, exercising and paying attention to our health. Being well and remaining well has a much higher value than in many previous generations. Technology and knowledge have played a big part of this trend. You can manage your health much easier with these wellness tools and programs:

Sharecare — This is a personalized health and wellness app that empowers participants with information to help them stay healthy and meet their wellness goals.

Lark — A digital tool offering one-on-one engagement with a wellness coach who contacts you when you need help to make lifestyle changes.

Wellness coaching — Receive one-on-one phone support from a wellness coach.

Smoking Cessation — This program can guide you through the hurdles of quitting with convenient programs that give you the information, strategies and support you need to quit at your own pace.

Restore Your Health Smarter

Manage your health conditions faster.

We all get sick, and sooner or later you will need to shop for health care. Finding treatment for common chronic conditions, surgical options and hospital care is not easy, but these tools are designed to make it easier:

Well360 Connect — Well360 Connect gives members the most comprehensive set of tools and resources and highest-level care management, wellness and member service solutions to lead their healthiest possible lives.

GuideStone’s diabetes programs — See all the options included in your medical plan that are designed to help employees prevent, manage or reverse diabetes.

MyCare Navigator — This dedicated health advocate can help employees find the right doctor, schedule appointments, share medical records and obtain a second opinion.

Blue Distinction® Centers — Choosing a high-quality hospital can lower the chance for complications and shorten stays. Blue Distinction is a designation awarded to hospitals proven to deliver superior results for complicated, costly procedures.



Save on Health Care

Leverage these tools for even greater health care value.

The health care industry is more competitive than we may realize. Knowledge is power, and when you need to make health care purchases, it’s great to be armed with information. These tools will help you shop for the best value in your health care:

In-network provider search — Save 50 percent or more with Highmark’s expansive nationwide provider network. This service offers GuideStone® members ready access to their preferred doctors at significant provider discounts.

Teladoc® (telemedicine provider) — Our alliance with Teladoc means individuals and group plan employees will have access to U.S. board-certified doctors and pediatricians all day, every day — even holidays.

SmartShopper — Participants can earn cash rewards of up to $500 and reduce their out-of-pocket health care costs by shopping for health care procedures with SmartShopper.

Care Cost Estimator — Members can comparison shop for more than 1,600 common health care services, including office visits. There are also options to manage budgets and make care choices.

The Benefits Keep Giving

Your GuideStone medical plan protects more than your health.

GuideStone continually seeks to add wellness tools and programs to every health plan. We also add additional benefits when we find they are valuable to our participants. Currently, most of our plans also offer:

BCBS Global® Core — Members traveling outside the United States have access to doctors and hospitals in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

Blue365® — This member discount program can help you save on products and services that are not part of your medical coverage.

Experian IdentityWorks℠ — Highmark BCBS provides this benefit to help members who are victims of identity theft.

Vision benefit — For individuals on most of GuideStone’s comprehensive plans, your vision benefit covers one annual eye exam per covered family member.

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