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No matter where your ministry takes you, GuideStone has you covered.

Ministry doesn’t just happen in a church. Like your ministry reach, GuideStone® medical coverage provides benefits no matter where you or your team are serving. We have leveraged strategic partnerships to provide appropriate and complete coverage wherever your ministry may take you.

GuideStone’s plans have access to the Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield network of providers. This recognized industry leader provides deep discounts that save your covered employees and their covered dependents money when they receive care from in-network providers. This keeps overall claims costs low, which is the most important way to manage costs.

The national BCBS PPO network is one of the largest in the country. More than 96 percent of hospitals and 95 percent of doctors and specialists in the United States and its territories contract with BCBS. That’s more than any other insurer. This means your employees will have access to medical professionals right in your own community and they will not likely be subject to disruption of service when you switch to GuideStone.

The BCBS network provides network discounts of more than 50%. BCBS has already negotiated some of the largest discounts in the industry, so the work is already done for you. It only makes sense to go with the network that will help you save money! BCBS works closely with hospitals and doctors in the communities they serve — including yours, to provide quality, cost effective health care services.

Global® Core provides international coverage for employees who serve outside the United States. No matter where your employees serve, their health coverage will be there with them. GuideStone’s BCBS benefits include global access to health care providers, along with extras, such as language assistance and emergency transportation, to manage a medical issue abroad. And it’s included at no extra cost!

Your Prescriptions are Covered too

Manage your medications with ease.

GuideStone also provides one of the leading pharmaceutical coverages available on the market. Express Scripts is the largest pharmacy benefit management organization in the United States and one of the country’s largest pharmacies, serving more than 85 million people. They offer deep discounts and flexible refill options, including retail pickup and mail-order delivery.

As the nation’s largest independent manager of pharmacy benefits in the United States, Express Scripts allows for greater discounts, meaning lower drug prices for participants and more reasonable claims charged to your plan.

Express Scripts offers some of the most attractive price rebates of any pharmacy benefit provider. These rebates, coupled with the strength of a nationwide network, make it easy for your medical plan participants to find the prescription medication they need at an affordable price.

Express Scripts’ subsidiary, Accredo®, is dedicated to managing the high cost of specialty drugs while assuring that participants receive the medication they need.

Take it Global

GuideStone covers every corner of the ministry globe.

Cigna International medical plans are a must-have for any ministry that has employees working abroad. GuideStone's international health plans provide missionaries the quality care they need through Cigna's fully vetted, global directory of network providers. Additionally, coverage provides:

International medical plan participants have access to Cigna’s fully vetted, global directory of network providers. They will also have a personal advocate to help them cut through the challenge of medical systems overseas so they can find the right care from a qualified provider.

International plans include a pharmacy benefit that offers a 365-day advance supply of maintenance medications.

Cigna International medical plan members enjoy customer service and online support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Complete Your Coverage

GuideStone provides additional coverages for peace of mind.

No employee benefits plan is complete without life, accidental death and disability coverage. GuideStone contracts with Unum, who provides these important benefits at a low price.

Unum® protects 36 million people worldwide through its group life and accident insurance products and related benefits solutions, which are offered to employees by 193,000 employers. One in every 3 companies on the Fortune 500 list offer Unum benefits to their employees.

Unum’s long-term disability coverage includes the Advocate Solutions service, which works individually with employees to lower medical bills not covered by their medical plan. This service can save employees thousands of dollars! The Advocate Solutions team also helps employees understand how to use their benefits in a cost-effective manner.

Unum’s built-in Employee Assistance Program is designed to help participants lead happier and more productive lives at home and at work. The program offers access to one-on-one financial counseling, a written personal financial plan and access to Ceridian-licensed counselors for your survivors in the event of your death or the diagnosis of a terminal illness.

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